Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday morning inspiration

It's a rare morning. Clear, sunny, cool - a perfect June Sunday morning. A set-up to be inspired.

But on this Sunday morning, as most, I find inspiration in the ink and newsprint of the Sunday paper, and despite my frequent critiques, this morning, the Hartford Courant was the source of that inspiration.

After reading Susan Rodell's piece, I'm going out to buy a clothesline. It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile, having researched the amount of energy a clothes drier uses, but her piece pierces the lame excuses for not using the sun when it's free and available.

Philip Langdon's description of Great Barrington's Railroad Street inspires me to wage a louder war against the destruction of beautiful 18th and 19th century buildings in my own hometown.

And of course Barrack Obama's visit to Hartford, and his speech which simultaneously vilified the Christian right, celebrated the role of faith in making a real effort to solve social and political issue and affirming the existence of skepticism and doubt make him an even more appealing candidate. My one criticism of his speech is that he said that the Christian right was solely responsible for the divisiveness of religion. Religion has been divisive from day one. It's the challenge of religion to overcome its innate divisiveness. He also encourages liberal people of faith, especially candidates, to feel free to express their beliefs. I'll add, that the country will truly find freedom when a Mormon or an atheist can run openly without recriminations. Find the entire speech here.

Colin McEnroe also does a nice analysis of the speech.

Don't forget to read Ann Hamilton's epitaph for Len Domler.

The Courant also carried important stories on Iraq war wounded and roadside bombings in Iraq.

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