Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm an ass

Yes, I'm a registered Democrat, though sometimes I cringe at how our elected officials act.

Lately, the opposition party, and conservative groups, have taken to tormenting members of the Democratic party by dropping the "ic" and calling it the Democrat party. I understand it's an attempt by Republicans and conservatives to separate the positive connotations of "democracy" and "democratic" philosophy from the Democratic Party itself (truth be told, there are plenty of Democratic party members who do their damnedest to denigrate the principles of democracy).

Still, the dictionary definition of "democrat" is one who embraces democracy.

I think Democrats ought to embrace the term "Democrat Party" and make it synonymous with "Democratic Party." Call me a member of the Democrat Party because I embrace democracy. And call me a liberal, because that's not a dirty word either.

And you can call me an ass, because I am. So are you.

See Colin McEnroe
on the importance of being a dem in CT.

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