Monday, June 4, 2007

Concerts of the Week - Le Grand Dérangement in reverse

In 1755 the English kicked the French Acadians out of Nova Scotia. They resettled all along the Atlantic coast. But the ones who got the furthest - to the French territory of Louisiana - are the ones we know today as the Cajuns. This week, they begin a two week return to the Northeast. With a strong Cajun revival occuring among young musicians in Louisiana, this is your opportunity to catch the best, in your backyard. Tell the squirrels to hide because squirrel fricasse is good, good, good.

The Pine Leaf Boys
June 6
Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA

Lock up your daughters. This band revives the wild and raw Cajun sound of their progenitors (yes, progenitors). They've been lauded in the pages of the New York Times, Rolling Stone, New Orleans Offbeat Magazine, and the Times of Louisiana, and rightfully so. They've got a great new album, Blues de Musicien, on Arhoolie. They play like there's no tomorrow.

Blast From the Bayou
June 7-10
Strawberry Park, Preston CT

La renaissance acadienne will be in full view with the above mentioned Pine Leaf Boys, creole accordionist Corey Ledet, and Travis Matte (they call it "booty zydeco" down home) who fills dance halls with 1500 sweaty young two-steppers every Friday and Saturday in La Lou. What's more, the original Cajun revialists Mark Savoy, Ann Savoy and Mike Doucet will appear, as will proteges of the following generation like Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, Geno Delafose and French Rockin Boogie, and Chris Ardoin and Nu Step. And if you want to learn the latest Zydeco step, instructor Michael Seider from Louisiana will be divulging secrets. And chef Pat Mould (this MF can cook!), will also unlock the mysteries of some great black pot meals.

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