Saturday, June 16, 2007

Don't you wish you were here: I like where I live part 2

Last night after a walk through Indian Hill cemetary and Long Lane we stopped and chatted with Jennifer after examining Vijay's handiwork on the brownstone wall he's building. A few blocks closer to home we saw Megan and Bill and some of their family and friends gathered in front of the Court St. house their moving back into.

"Margarita?" Bill asked.

So we chatted and sipped on Bill's great Margarita and talked about Louisiana and Linda Rondstadt until it conjured up Jeff and Izzi who were pushing a napping Sadie. Lee and Susan slowed and beeped, but didn't stop. So we talked about Louisiana until it conjured up the mosquitoes. Monica and Nora pulled up as we were exiting, and we walked the final block home with Jeff and Izzi, happily buzzed about living in such a cool neighborhood.

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Extraordinary Relationship Coaching said...

This entry brought a smile and a tear of joy to my eye.
We so look forward to the neighborhood street engagement that occurs between the neighbors. Whether it's You and the twins or the friendly folks from the old High School who stop by and share their life moments with us as the roll, saunter and hobble by on their way downtown, It's the reason to live right here where we live. The design of neighborhoods that took place many years ago has left us in this transformed yet blessed place of our special hood. Thanks for noting it so beautifully.