Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pressing issues

So, there's been a bidding war for a property on Main Street. What's that say to town leaders who are unwilling to make design demands on developers who intend to build here?

It should say that Main Street property is valued and that if one developer won't build because he can't get his way, then there's likely another who will step in.

As for the demolition of the Middletown Press building, fare-thee-well. It's ugly late century design was not right for an important corner of Main Street. It's good news that Middlesex Hospital did not win the bid. Their disregard for important historical architecture is already well-documented. Their craven desire for more and more parking is also evident. And building a medical building in the style of their medical buildings, on Main Street would be unwelcome.

Now it's up to city fathers (and mothers) to demand that the winning developer shape his plan in a way that is right for the future of the city.

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