Thursday, June 7, 2007

I like where I live

Someone commented yesterday that I wasn't happy about much. Don't let the blog photo fool you. Lots of things make me happy, and I feel lucky to be who I am, to be surrounded by those who share my life, and to live in a place as interesting as Middletown CT.

One of the great things is that I can barely move from point A to point B without meeting friends and neighbors. Last evening I went on a short walk with my boys and we bumped into Megan and Bill who are moving back into their house on Court Street, and hosting visitors from Lake Charles Louisiana this weekend.

Then we bumped into Scott and talked about his plans for the old factory on Hamlin. And then down on the South Green we saw Jennifer Hawkins who told me about the play she wrote that will be opening this summer at the Hole in the Wall Theater in New Britain.

This morning, running late, I chatted briefly with Mark Masselli, who seems to know more about whats going on in town than anyone. And Rani and I chatted for too long about life, music and Bob Potter.

City living is cool, and living in this city suits me fine.

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