Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who you calling a redneck?

Conservative radio ranter Jim Vicevich at WTIC AM has made it a practice of chastising Northern Liberals of looking down at Southerners. In one of his typical straw man generalizations he has spouted that elite educated East Coast yankees see Southerners as stupid hicks.

Strange then, when at the end of his show yesterday, he was talking about the sentencing of Mary Winkler by Tennessee Judge Weber McGraw and he lapsed into a simpleton's Southern drawl when speaking in the "voices" of Winkler and McGraw. You see, Vicevich disagrees with the jury's conviction on voluntary manslaughter, and the judge's reduced sentence because, Winkler based her defense on spousal abuse.

I guess when Buddy Vicevich disagrees with Southerners, they're stupid Rednecks. How delightfully inconsistent.

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