Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Army Department of Euphemism

The army called it, IRF (initial reaction force), and it's the excuse the military gave to guards at Guantanamo to submit prisoners to horrible abuse.

One wonders when former Army Private Brandon Neely will be discredited by the Pentagon.

Neely was a guard at Guantanamo, was convinced to sign a non-disclosure statement about his time there, but he has relented because he apparently can't live with his conscience.

Now he's speaking out, and if he is to be believed, our concept of Guantanamo, as horrific as it appears on its face, is nowhere as harsh as the reality that Neely describes.

It becomes clearer and clearer that our nation's leader who are responsible for this horror, need to be held responsible.

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Anonymous said...

This guy's admissions don't seem to amount to all that much in the way of "horrific" experiences. Abuses? No doubt. But I've seen the reality of war abuses (Vietnam, for instance) and what I read in his question and answer session is relatively mild stuff. I suspect the Pentagon will not comment on this particular case. It's not that alarming, considering the bigger picture. I doubt MSNBC, nor any other major media outlet, would tell or show us the real thing. Hell, they can't even bring themselves to broadcast real wartime action in their evening news.