Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's invite Chris Dodd to come home and talk to us about Creepy Joe™

Chris Dodd is at the forefront of a movement of Democratic Senators who are lobbying to have Senator Creepy Joe™ Lieberman welcomed back to the Democratic caucus, and returned to his chairmanship of the powerful Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

It seems Barack Obama has signaled a reconciliation with the relcacitrant Lieberman. But Obama has not had to suffer through Lieberman's betrayal of Democratic voters here in Connecticut, or lived in shame with our Senator campaigning diligently and dirtily with the Republic opponent.

And Chris Dodd has taken up the cause. As I posited before, I suspect Chris Dodd has several motives - he's an old friend of Lieberman's; that friendship was strained by Dodd's support of Lamont and this is a chance to get back in the vindictive Lieberman's good graces; Dodd needs all the support he can muster for his fight in the Countrywide Financial scandal; Dodd and Lieberman are Senatorial colleagues, incumbents, and party of the gang of in-the-beltway insiders who would die before actually meting out justice to one of their own.

Several means of "rewarding" Lieberman for his disgusting behavior have been suggested. Everything from stripping him of all power positions and driving him from the caucus, to awarding him minor chairmanships.

But allowing him to return, the prodigal son, and forgiving his outrageous behavior, is an insult to voters and constituents.

It's time for Dodd to come home and face constituents in a couple of town hall meetings this weekend to see how we feel about his rescue of Lieberman. He may have to hear a few unkind words about his mortgage mess, and his mishandling of finance companies that have come before his banking and finance committee, but if he is a man of honor, he should return.

Call his office now, and voice your complaints. Invite him home for a face-to-face, but by all means, let him know that Lieberman no longer represents the feelings and needs of his home state.

Senate office number:(202) 224-2823

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