Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dodd plays god

Well, what do you know? Chris Dodd was in Connecticut this weekend's Herald Press, Jeff Mill reports that Dodd reiterated his support of Creepy Joe™ Lieberman while attending a conference on after-school programs.

Dodd cited Barack Obama's support of Lieberman and said again that "“I don’t think my constituents should be penalized” by removing Lieberman from his chairmanship.

Dodd said he would speak in support of Leiberman at the Tuesday Democratic caucus meeting, at which a secret ballot will be taken to determine Lieberman's fate.

I noted in this blog a few days ago that there might be several other reasons why Dodd would support Lieberman - his longterm friendship (forty years Dodd claimed yesterday), his need for support during his own scandal (friend of Angelo), his membership in a very exclusive club (Senate - incumbent party), his need to do penance (for supporting Lamont against Lieberman), his real lack of concern for the constituents he represents.

Reporters did not ask Dodd how his constituents would be punished, nor whether he has spent time with constituents to determine their feelings on the topic, nor what the consensus of opinion on the topic was in communications to Dodd's senate office (I'll call tomorrow to find out).

If the words of editorial writers and columnists in and out of the state is any reflection of the feelings of the public, Dodd is wrong, and will resort to the regal Senatorial role of playing god by voting his conscience (or lack therof), instead of voting the will of his constituents.

I think the question that has to be asked is "just how loyal is Lieberman?" Reflections on the past three years would yield the answer, "not very." But ask yourself some of the questions columnists have been asking:

Why didn't Lieberman exercise an of his power of committee chair to investigate the many wrongdoings of the Bush administration?

If he couldn't investigate Bush, why does he deserve to be chairman?

If the Republicans had won control of the Senate, by some miracle, would Lieberman abandon the Democrats to accept a Republican chairmanship?

If the Democrats remove Lieberman from his chairmanship, will he move to caucus with the Republicans, and if that question can be legitimately posed, is it enough of a sign of his lack of loyalty?

If McCain had won and Lieberman had been offered a cabinet position, would Lieberman have abandoned his Senate seat?

If Obama is so concerned about Lieberman, why doesn't he offer him a cabinet post, or a cushy diplomatic position?

Does Lieberman really represent the constituents of Connecticut?

The answers to most of these questions are obvious, and all the more reason to call Chris Dodd's office, or email him now, to voice your displeasure with his support of Lieberman.


Senate office number:(202) 224-2823

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