Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why does John McCain wear red suspenders?

To keep his pants from falling down.

It's an old joke, and more on why it's stuck in my memory at the end of this post.

To suspend, or not to suspend. That's the question Fox News asked of John McCain. Of course, the first suspension of his campaign, was not really a suspension, and it wasn't suspended as long as he said he'd suspend.

So why not consider another suspension. Why keep us in suspense?

As for the red suspender joke, it was sprung on me by a New Britain fireman when we were on a kindergarten field trip at old No. 6 firehouse on Kensington Avenue. The fireman found out I was the son of a fire lieutenant, and said, "So you must know why firemen wear red suspenders."

Of course I didn't, and because I didn't know, I was the center of derision. My classmates laughed. The fireman laughed. I didn't think it was funny. Still don't, some 51 years later.

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