Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is bliss

The McCain campaign has finally figured out America.

What we don't know, can't hurt us. Or can it?

So, we have a Presidential candidate who has found a way to avoid a debate in which he will clearly be at a disadvantage. He's retreated from a cozy relationship with the press, to one which is downright frigid. He puts his campaign on "hold" though it doesn't seem to include not running commercials, or keeping his advisors from commenting in the press.

And a vice-presidential candidate, who is truly, "Bush-in-skirts," in the way she demonstrates a remarkable incurious attitude to anything outside of her immediate purview. Visit a foreign country? Why bother, Alaska is just fine. Think about the national economy? No need, Alaska's got oil. Worry about war, famine, disease? No worry, trust in Jesus.

We are now faced with a campaign willing to do damn near all to prevent us from knowing anything about them.

And so, as Glenn Greenwald apologizes, he got Sarah Palin wrong, and his revelation has come via Katy Couric.

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