Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now is the time to deep six Creepy Joe™

You can tell I'm not a politician.

If I were Ruff Tuff™ Harry Reid, I'd dump Creepy Joe™ Lieberman in a Stamford minute. There's not much at risk. The Democratic Party in the Senate looks as if it'll pick up enough seats to make Lieberman's vote essential. And even if John McCain wins (Lord help us), Lieberman's seat will be filled by Jodi Rell because the Connecticut State Legislature never took seriously the proposal to make re-filling a Senate seat, a legislative or referendum issue (it doesn't hurt that CT House Speaker Jim Amman supported Lieberman over Lamont, even after Lieberman abandoned the party).

But it turns out that Democratic heads might be turned by money. Money, of all things. Can you imagine. Lieberman has been making generous donations to Democratic Senate races. And, as the L.A. Times' Andrew Malcolm notes, that may make them less likely to leave Joe in the lurch.

It demonstrates, mostly, that Lieberman is a political animal of some skill, and that when push comes to shove, it's his own skin he thinks of first.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the concept of a governor filling a vacant Senate-seat has always bothered me. Naturally any governor is going to go with a choice that most closely reflects her/his politics, no matter WHOM the public chose.