Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apparently not ready for prime time

When the press will kiss her ass the way they've kissed George Bush's ass, maybe, just maybe the Republican party will let her speak.

(UPDATE) Of course you've heard that the McCain campaign have agreed to allow Sarah Palin to be interviewed by ABC's Charlie Gibson. Here's what TPM has to say about the terms of the interview.

And affable, soft pitching Charlie Gibson? You remember him as the debate host whom the audience booed after the Pennsylvania Democratic Debate between Clinton and Obama for doing such a lame job.

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CT Bob said...

You gotta give them a few days to enjoy the post-coitus, er, post-convention glow. The polls will reflect the convention bump. This is absolutely as good as it's gonna get for the Republicans this year.

After next week, Sarah Palin will have exhausted her welcome, and the media will give her the same treatment they're known for.