Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm also an expert on Venus, Mars and Jupiter, Charlie

Good to see that the press is beginning to call a lie, a lie.

Sarah Palin, as revealed in her first interview, is a fraud.

In an hilarious, though frightening, skewering by Keith Olbermann, Palin appears to be a buffoon who is unaware that people are beginning to laugh. She says she's an expert on Russia because you can see parts of Russia from Alaska. As Olbermann notes, that would make him Alan Greenspan because from his anchor desk, he can see into the headquarters of Chase Manhattan. By the same logic, Palin would be a planetary expert, because, many of those are visible from Alaska too.

This morning, the New York Times calls John McCain's judgment into question for nominating so willfully naieve a candidate as Palin for so important an office.

And even the ladies on The View, have put real journalist to shame for finally calling McCain on his lies.

If America elects this pair, we will become the laughingstock of a world which has already lost most of its respect for a country that was once noble, fair, generous and sane.

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