Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What will Holy Joe (Creepy Joe™) say?

Breaking news in the New York Times has linked Republican presidential candidate John McCain with a lobbyist during his run for President in 2000. The story is short on details, except for denials from both parties that there was ever a romantic relationship. There is a hint that McCain went to bat for this particular lobbyist.

The story has been floating around in the beltway for several weeks, and the fact that the New York Times has broken the story now, has raised a lot of questions.

What are the details?

What else does the New York Times have?

How will it affect McCain's candidacy?

Who leaked the story to the press and why?

Why has Rush Limbaugh been so strident in his criticism of McCain, the assumed conservative Republican candidate? (I smell a rat.)

Why did Mitt Romney only "suspend" his campaign and not officially concede? (I smell another rat.)

Why has Huckabee hung on so long in the face of debate? (It's beginning to smell like a rat family.)

Why did Karl Rove predict "surprises" in the campaign? (King rat.)

Where are those swiftboaters?

But my question is for Creepy Joe™ Lieberman, who acted the pharisee during President Clinton's indiscretion and castigated the President from the floor of the Senate, is, what are you going to say about your principled buddy McCain. And what will you do if he's not the candidate in Minneapolis?

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