Monday, February 18, 2008

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

So the headline in the New York Times, which reads:

Sense of Freedom Follows a Career Crisis

and describing CT Senator, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman, is not much of a surprise.

The surprises in the article are:

- that Lieberman was a mentor to Barack Obama (don't think we'll hear that in one of Obama's stump speeches)
- that Lieberman had as campaign volunteers two Yale law school candidates named Bill and Hillary
- that Bill Curry describes Democrats as "volcano worshippers" in their treatment of Lieberman (a very funny, and apt analogy)
- that CT Democratic chair Nancy Dinardo has put Lieberman's portrait in the closet since he endorsed McCain (funny she waited so long since he abandoned CT democrats so many months ago)
- that Creepy Joe™ feels he "went over to the other family (you know them, they're the ones who hang terrorists from the clothesline)

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