Friday, February 22, 2008

Creepy Joe's™ bogus diner reality checks

I could understand a politician, especially a controversial politician, who would not want to announce unexpected appearances at local eateries so he could get to know the "real" people who dine there.

It all amounts to a balogna sandwich when the "unannounced appearance" happens to coincide with a visit from a gaggle of reporters and photographers. The "unannounced appearance" instantly becomes yet another photo op that was indeed announced to the press, but not to the public.

For if it had been announced to the public, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman may have found that he was not greeted by grandmothers who he could sing "happy birthday" to, but angry constituents who feel betrayed by his embrace of a Republican presidential candidate, his support of a failed and criminal misadventure in Iraq, his embrace of constraints on civil liberties, and his vote to protect giant telecom companies from prosecution for the laws which they broke.

When a Senator arrives in a surprise visit to a diner with cameras and reporters in tow, most polite folk will not speak their true minds. In interviews with the diners, most demurred about their support, or lack thereof, of the party-straddling Senator.

In his recent visits to the state, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman has been very careful not to alert the thousands of state residents who would love the opportunity to give the old mugwump a deserved piece of their minds.

Still, it's another bit of publicity for the renovated O'Rourkes. And that is the silver lining to the visit by the Senator from the party of one.


Anonymous said...

At least Joe has good taste in food!

Anonymous said...

Joes an idiot but ORourkes is the best