Sunday, February 3, 2008

Politics as unusual

Two young male students stopped by the house yesterday campaigning for Barack Obama. I asked them about the rally on campus at which Ned Lamont and Kal Penn appeared. Both students had been inspired to work on the campaign as a result.

Later in the day, at the benefit Mardi Gras celebration for Oddfellows Playhouse, I spoke with more than one Wesleyan-connected adult who said they were surprised and heartened by the student response, and by the fact that new Wesleyan president Michael Roth is determined to encourage community involvement by encouraging such political events on campus. Under the last administration, they told me, such a rally would not likely have been allowed. In addition, there is a huge swell in students wanting to vote in primaries.

Today, at a WESU meeting, one of the show hosts, a young African American exited telling those assembled to be sure to attend the Barack Obama rally on Monday in Hartford.

I'm beginning to believe the headlines which indicate that Obama has the ability to inspire and energize the young people of this country.

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