Friday, February 1, 2008

Middletown music: the Wesleyan scene

You may recognized Wesleyan as a hotbed of counter-culture intellectualism, and as the birthplace of Hollywood's "Wesleyan mafia."

It has now become a petri dish of new music activity.

The band MGMT (pronounced management - check out the video), got its start playing in dimly lit great rooms of High Street frats.

The throwback/throwforward music label Goaty Tapes, which releases its new music on arty cassettes, was created by Wes freshman Zully Adler.

But more than anything else, the live music offered each weekend makes campus seem a bit like a trendy club neighborhood in Brooklyn.

This weekend, in checking the mighty AuralWes website (with great audio clips), you'll see that there are four live shows, with a total of fourteen bands (my favorite set is the women in folk showcase at Earth House, featuring Deer Tick), and a DJ. In addition, there's a Community Barn Dance, with a hot string band called The Fox Hunt from West Virginia.

Not all events are open to non-Wes people, so before you venture on the road to hear any of this great and peculiar music, please check in advance.

(The Fox Hunt)

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