Friday, February 1, 2008

Freeman Road, free again?

Maybe some good news for Maromas and Middletown.

There is a persistent rumor around town that the Freeman Road site for the proposed Army Reserve Training Center, is now "off the table." No word as to what might have influenced the decision most, but opposition from neighbors, open space advocates, town officials, state officials, the DEP, the governor, influential editorial advocates and most recently Congresswoman Rosa Delauro, have likely had an effect.

Still, until plans for the site are officially abandoned, opponents are not taking their eyes from the target. Opponents to siting the base in Maromas will attend the City Council where this resolution will be considered:

Approving informing the Department of the Army and Army Corp of Engineers considers Freeman Road inappropriate for its new Training Facility; approving requesting the Department of the Army and Army Corp of Engineers work closely and cooperatively with elected officials and community and business leaders to find an appropriate site for its Army Training Center; and Approving requesting the State of Connecticut to exercise the Memorandum of Understanding to purchase the Maromas land for the State of Connecticut to be permanently preserved,

Additional information indicates that six other sites in Middletown have been proposed, but that three of those sites have ledge, slope and wetland issues which may make them ineligible.

As one knowledgeable resident said: "My preferred site is two towns away."

So, where are those three possible locations? Foss Hill? The corn maze at Lyman Orchards? Wilcox Island? Indian Hill? Mount Higby?

BTW, another rumor/theory places the responsibility for siting the base in Middletown at the feet of our old friend, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman.

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