Friday, February 1, 2008

Move over Hillary, MoveOn Obama

I like it when the right wing media portray MoveOn as trotskyites. It means that MoveOn frightens them.

Well, the 3.2 million member organization has thrown its considerable online and real life influence to Barack Obama, in an endorsement based on a member vote which was 70% for Obama and 30% for Clinton.

Now let's see how Limbaugh nation feels about their old conservative from Senator from Arizona.


Anonymous said...

Not true. It was 6.2% of MoveOn members, not 70%, who voted for Obama (MoveOn's own figures of 3.2 million members and 197,444 votes to endorse Obama). MoveOn's leadership knew there was no 2/3 support to endorse Obama among their members, so they only allowed voting for one alternative to their choice - Clinton.

MoveOn members who favored another candidate or no endorsement were not allowed to participate. And 91% of MoveOn members did not participate. Nevertheless MoveOn puts a spin of an overwhelming vote for their preordained decision on it, and the sheep in the media like you just blindly repeat their lies. And they have a history of this kind of thing, so people should have known to look deeper than what MoveOn says.

See MoveOn's 6.2% Landslide for more analysis.

Tom said...

see video: Pushes the Worst (Clinton and Obama) while ignoring Gravel for President
MoveOn is doing such a disservice to the American people. MoveOn is undermining efforts to end the war. MoveOn pushes candidates who ignore the US Constitution and International Law. Obama openly violates international law by threatening Iran with an attack.