Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Schroeder saves dailies

According to the Middletown Press, a single buyer, Michael Schroeder, owner of Central Connecticut Communications, has stepped up to buy the New Britain Herald and the Bristol Press.

The Hartford Courant has additional details.

Here's some info on Schroeder's curriculum vitae from an alumni website of the Daily Trojan, USC's daily newspaper

2004 update: Now GM for Island Publications, Newsday's magazine publishing division. Worked on startup of amNewYork, a free daily in the city, last year. Reminded, he says, of the days when the typesetting system at the DT broke down every day! He had been chief of staff in the publisher's office at Newsday and before that used to be in charge of the library, among other jobs. Says Michael: "Worked with DT alumni Steve Clow, Valerie Nelson and Mike Ventre at the late, great Herald Examiner, then spent two stints at Newsday, separated by some trade-mag time with CMP and InfoWorld. Discovered sitting within 15 feet of former DT editor Kari Granville Boyer last year. Reports Schroeder: "Went to the Herald from there (copy desk and assistant business editor), working with other DT alums such as Steve Clow, Valerie Nelson and Dave Wharton (my first "going away" lunch as a manager was with Dave). Also, had the opportunity to share bouillabaisse with the late, great Allan Malamud. Went from the Herald to the OC Register (assistant business editor) for a brief stint, then headed to East to help start up New York Newsday. From the copy desk, worked in graphics for a while, then switched to editorial technology (that DT experience finally paid off!). Switched to trade newspapers with CMP Media in 1993, and took a flier on a net startup for that company, moving back to California in 1997. They closed down that operation six months later, cutting losses before going public. Not ready to come back to NY, jumped to their competitor, IDG, joining InfoWorld as information systems and production director. Moved back to Newsday last year (my wife's family is on Long Island, after all), and although the winter's a pain, am enjoying the work. Just finished an MBA from C.W. Post (after four schools and 13 years!)"

Along with some encouragement from a colleague.

And this from Editor and Publisher.

Two towns breathe a collective sigh of relief.

There's a 4pm news conference at the Capitol to introduce the new owner.

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