Monday, January 5, 2009

If you wondered how fast WTIC-AM would slide to the bottom

(WTIC-AM. Dimmer, longer.)

It didn't take long.

Granted, Vicevich began his extra hour on Friday, Jan. 2, but this morning, on his first Monday, of his first full week of expanded programming, I decided to tune in one last time to be an earwitness to the transition to advanced stupidity.

I was not disappointed.

At five minutes to nine, conservo-solo-host Ray Dunaway called Vicevich to the mic, and together they concluded that Harry Reid (who I am no great fan of), was the "most despicable person on earth." Harry Reid? Spineless, maybe. Driven by devotion to his benefactors, probably (but these days, which politician isn't?), but "most despicable?" Seems like the start of some the same kind ongoing right-wing hyperbole Limbaugh invented.

Harry Reid is a "weasel" Dunaway pronounced.

So much for balanced on-air opinionating.

Vicevich began his show with a months-old Nancy Pelosi soundbite that he must have played hundreds of times on his show (every time I ever listened, he played it at least twice), a music cut from Rodney Crowell (one of the twelve American acts he actually knows anything about), and then launched into a stammering (because he is a stammerer) tirade about corrupt Democrats. While he might be right on the Democrats, he laughably omitted any hint that Republicans, especially Bush Republicans, might also be guilty (and have been shown to be guilty) of cronyism, corruption and pay-to-play.

Vicevich announced the litany of tired-and-true conservative commentators who would join him over the next few days, hiccuped through a lame tribute to Diane Smith, and then with Dunaway on mic with him, they launched into a defense of "poor John Rowland" who was driven from office on "trumped-up charges."

Oh lord.

Is this the same John Rowland I'm thinking of? The one who was convicted of corruption and did jail time? That John Rowland?

I had had enough. I reprogrammed my pre-set, and tuned into John Dankowsky, who inevitably will garner a lot of new listeners. If WNPR would feature traffic reports (and they should), I would never have a reason to tune to any AM radio stations.

With confirmation that CBS is preparing WTIC-AM for sale, we can only hope that the dim-burning light of conservative liars will disappear when some corporate giant like ClearChannel who will make it all-satellite all the time, and another local station will disappear, along with its vexingly-stupid show hosts.


Connecticut Man1 said...

I wonder how much they want for the radio station now that they have dumped their best host? You would think they would lock up their best assets before selling? D'oh!

Anonymous said...

what's the problem? Harry Reid is a weasel in fact he is a lying weasel. Check him out on meet the press sunday.

Ed McKeon said...

As to the best assets, it's a known fact that selling a homogeneous commodity (conservative talk radio), is a lot easier than selling a diversely programmed station. So Vicegrip fits the bill, McEnroe didn't. Double d'oh.

And Harry Reid a weasel? Harry Reid's a politician. All politicians are weasels, therefore...

So if you're gonna call Reid and McConnell, and Boehner a weasel. The problem with Buddy is that he's so damned one-side that he's like a Hollywood set.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments, Ed. I couldn't bear to listen to Vicegrip---is that stammer an affectation??or a contived device to somehow endear himself to listeners?
Joh Dankowsi will gain a lot of listeners as well as Faith Middleton in the p m. I'm glad to do withut the constant traffic horn, but I guess that's selfish as I'm not commuting.