Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Low logo goes home

"Notice anything about the front page," Susan Campbell asked when visiting my radio show this morning.

"I did," I answered.

In this morning's print edition of the Courant the logotype crawled from its vertical position along the left gutter, and pulled its way horizontal above the half-page photo of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Is this a readjustment that layout editors hope will be disguised in our inaugural-distracted states, after which we will forget that we ever mistook the front page for an overly-art-directed "Living" section.

Or, is it merely an accommodation for that very same photo, and tomorrow we will be disappointed to find that the logotype has slid sideways again.

BTW, in searching for newsphotos from the Netherlands yesterday, I noticed that at least a half dozen Dutch papers bore the "Courant" name. Considering our city's Dutch heritage my lifelong curiosity about that spelling was suddenly sated.

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