Monday, December 1, 2008

Truth and consequences

God love his conservative soul, Andrew Sullivan is the latest commentator calling for a truth commission to be established once Barack Obama is in the White House.

This commission, being embraced by Americans across a broad swath of political beliefs, would be assembled to attempt to find the truth about what is already well-documented, that America, and Americans engaged in war crimes (torture, criminal abduction, domestic spying, illegal incarceration) in its "war on terror" during the Bush administration.

Sullivan is correct when he writes: "these people have to be brought to justice if the rule of law is to survive in America. In his constitutional soul, Obama knows this. He also knows, however, the political exigencies of taking over a national security apparatus where continuity and lawful vigilance against terrorism remain vital."

Time will tell whether Obama has the will to clean the blemishes from this dark period in American history.

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