Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Colin McEnroe gone from WTIC

Roger Catlin reports that Diane Smith and Colin McEnroe have been ejected from their roles as show hosts on WTIC AM.

And Jim Vicevich gets more time?

Looks like WTIC is going all conservative, all the time. Or shall we say all shallow, all the time.

Turn your radio on. It may be your last chance to hear smart, liberal talk on Hartford commercial radio.

UPDATE: Colin refuses to discuss this on the air today. I tried, and while I mentioned his departure, he refused to say more. He says he plans a "goodbye" show tomorrow.

You can register your complaints and dismay by calling CBS radio local VP Suzanne McDonald at 677-6700 x300 or Operations Manger Steve Salhany at extension 291. I've already called. They need to hear what a foolish decision it is to expand conservative programming, deleting moderating factors, and abdicating their responsibility to the community to air all sides of issues.

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