Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The animated New Yorker

There was a time in my unsophisticated life that I often stared at a New Yorker cartoon for minutes at a time trying to figure out what made it funny. Although there was a time, much earlier in my life, when I had trouble deciphering the satire in Mad Magazine too.

These days I'm happy to say that I get most of the New Yorker cartoons, but occasionally one will stump me.

To make things easier, on their website, the New Yorker is featuring animated versions of some of their cartoons, like the Moses In Connecticut frame by Mick Stevens sampled (poorly, I might add) here.

Some work better as animations than others, but maybe when I get stuck on one, there'll be an animation to help.

Here's a better representation of Mick Stevens' work.

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