Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kevin Lynch's finale

Kevin Lynch is off to live in the Netherlands. It's a place with nationalized health, subsidized college tuitions, and tolerance for weed. It's also a place that appreciates bluegrass.

In Kevin they have a gift.

I stopped by his last WWUH Saturday Bluegrass show at the station this morning with Rani Arbo in tow to represent Middletown in saying goodbye to Kevin.

Those of you who appreciate his show know his gift. He understands the music he has played for you at ground level. He knows most of the musicians, and he has met many of the legends, and he has stories about all of them.

Kevin's about to start a new phase in his life, and maybe a new radio show for the Dutch (which will hopefully be available on the internet.) We'll miss his depth of knowledge, his laid back approach, and his walking-around history of bluegrass.

I'll miss all the lessons about music I learned from Kevin, but in this interconnected world, he's only a video chat away.

Even this morning I walked away with something. Kevin is unloading most of his print and music library before he moves, and he gave me two Vernon Dalhart 78 rpms, because he knows I have a passion for this early country music pioneer, and he gave me a first edition of Alan Lomax's Folk Music of North America.

That's Kevin. Leaving you with something when you least expect it.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice story about Kevin.
We really appreciate his move to The Netherlands. We'll enjoy all of his musical skills and kindness.
Regards from The Netherlands. Peter Noorman