Friday, June 20, 2008

No one's protege anymore

Not only did I miss Carrie Rodriguez at the Iron Horse last night, I missed her when she was in Hartford for two nights last week as part of the Alejandro Escovedo band which opened for Dave Matthews.

But today, I was able to hear a sample of her new album, She Ain't Me, out in August.

It's an interesting shift in style as Rodriguez stretches away from the roots rock and folk she performed as her career kicked into gear as a partner of legendary songwriter Chip Taylor.

Rodriguez always had star potential, and the new songs, which are largely pop turns - though some acoutic and folk-like, seem to be trying to capitalize on her tunefulness, and to downplay her fiddle prowess.

There's a bit of an image change, as the photos accompanying this blog will attest to.

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Anonymous said...

i caught the Hartford show. Al & company rocked it while DMB audience basically ignored the brilliance on stage in favor of getting bombed before Dave came on. Their loss! I think Carrie added alot to Alejandro's show. wish I could have seen the Iron Horse gig.