Monday, June 9, 2008

The building blocks of building blocks

For those concerned with the course of development in Middletown, CT, this from Catherine Johnson:

Dear Friends:

I am thrilled to announce that a fellow architect & town planner, Robert Orr,
will be giving a presentation NEXT WEDNESDAY June 11, 2008 about how
we can change Middletown's development pattern from sprawl to something more sustainable.

He will describe how building traditional mixed-use neighborhoods can be our city's solution
to the oil crisis, the global warming problem, the segregation of society, city grand list, and
destruction of our natural environment.

I have asked him to come as we begin to look at our
Plan of Conservation and Development to update it, or change it wholesale.

It is my greatest wish that you would make a point to be there. You are among those who
care most about Middletown, and believe me, we need more voices at P&Z meetings.
We need more voices contributing to and writing the Plan.

The Scheduled P&Z meeting will begin at & pm, but will be brief.
The presentation should start about 7:30 pm.
We architects like pictures, so it will be very visual.

Pleas share this with your neighbors.

Catherine Johnson
Architect & Town Planner
161 College Street
Middletown, CT 06457

BTW, Kudos to Catherine for extending the role of our planning commission into the realm of investigating alternatives to reckless development.

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