Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Ralph perspective comes to Middletown

No matter how you feel about Ralph Nader (and I think he's an American hero), his point of view is always bluntly honest, corrective and enlightening. Okay, so you may be voting for Obama, but Obama, you know, ain't perfect. And Ralph can tell you why.

It's vital to have people like Ralph Nader in a political system that is closed to anybody but millionaires and party insiders. If nothing else, Nader constantly reminds you to check your own point of view, and way of life.

Nader will be speaking in Middletown tonight as part of his campaign for president.

First Church of Christ Parish Hall
190 Court St. Middletown, CT 06457
Contribution $10/ $5 Student
(203) 430-9342 or

Thanks to Jennifer Saines for reminding me of the event.

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