Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama's feet of clay

Mr. Idealism today dealt a blow to his own image with his approval of the FISA "compromise" bill. Not only was he not in Washington to vote against it, he wrote a defense of the bill as passed.

Say it ain't so, Barack.

Worse still, Obama has recorded a radio spot for Georgia's U.S. Representative John Barrows, a white, bluedog Democrat who supports the war in Iraq, retroactive immunity and George Bush's tax cuts. In fact Barrows is a big Bush supporter on many fronts. He's running in a Democratic primary against Regina Thomas, a progressive African-American state senator.

What's worse, Barrows didn't endorse Obama until after the Georgia primary.

Oh, Barack. Forget about Rev. Wright. Forget about the bitter middle class. You're beginning to abandon the principles you espouse before you've been elected to uphold them.

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