Friday, June 20, 2008

A betrayal to freedom, liberty, the American people, and one more victory for corporate America

In a shameful capitulation to a disastrous executive administration, the House of Representatives led by the shameful house majority leader Steny Hoyer (who joins Reid and Pelosi as land-dwelling invertebrates), has produced a "compromise" FISA bill to be voted on by the house today and sent back to the Senate for approval.

A coalition of forces, organized on the internet, is working today to convince lawmakers to table the bill.

companies who broke the law when the President asked them to. This is the kind of The big problem, of course, is that it's no compromise. It delivers immunity to telecomfascism which will ensnare the rights of the individual in America.

The New York Times suggested that this bill be left for the next Congress and the next president, and that seems like a good idea. With a large majority of poll respondents opposing corporate immunity, lawmakers ought to think twice about what they'll say while stumping for votes in October.

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