Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Must remember: it's not the Democratic party or the Republican party, it's the incumbent party

The whole FISA compromise is a puzzle to me, in which the only satisfactory answer is that someone is on the take. Maybe many someones. Constitutional scholars have pointed out that the FISA amendment flies in the face of that venerable document. Democrats have pointed out that it's antithetical to the principles of their party. Party leaders have vowed to stop it, and haven't. To be sure, Harry Reid can kill the whole bloody mess by keeping it off the agenda with a parliamentary manuver. Chris Dodd once vowed a Mr. Smith-style filibuster, now he's written a letter. Barack Obama said he was against it, before he said he was for it. And many observers have demonstrated that this vaunted "compromise" is not a compromise at all (though Democratic leaders are working hard to convince voters, and themselves, that they've reached a good deal)>

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