Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's not, 'will he be able to wash the blood from his hands," it's "will he drown in the river of blood"

George Bush's remarkable instincts have led him to the make the wrong decisions time and again, without ever taking responsibility.

Most notably, recently, as excerpts in Richard Engel's book on his reporting in Iraq shows. Bush says: "I know people are saying we should have left things the way they were, but I changed after 9/11. I had to act. I don't care if it created more enemies. I had to act."

And so he has. And he's a bad actor.

For, if the reports of several agencies are correct, Bush could now be responsible for many more deaths than Saddam Hussein ever was.

Who's the madman? Who's the murderer? Who's the delusional despot?

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