Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get your barf bag ready

On Face the Nation this morning, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman demonstrated the art of undercutting himself. No sooner does he get through offering a thorough critique of the Democratic party then he complains, again, about partisan politics. Now, isn't a blanket complaint against an entire party partisan?

Lieberman goes on to cut the legs our from under his Democratic colleague Barack Obama saying that if Obama's desire to leave Iraq, then Iran would be in charge, with chaos, genocide and civil war reigning. Lieberman paints a rosy picture of Iraq - book your vacation flights now.

And the fear card? Lieberman plays it like a billboard. Obama gets elected? Al Qaeda will attack America. Right out of the Rove playbook, as Frank Rich pointed out today. But as Rich says, maybe the fear card will be a joker.

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