Friday, June 13, 2008

Olbermann feeling the heat, stays in the kitchen

For fuck's sake. With the nation's airwaves filled with vicious, lying, warmongering, divisive, selfish, inaccuarate right-wing shouting heads, critics are lambasting Keith Olbermann for naming Katie Couric, "Worst Person in the World."

One has to understand the tenor of Olbermann's show to begin with. It's all opinion, bolstered by the absurd facts of the news created by the Bush administration. It's just this side of Jon Stewart's show. He is the jester, poking fun at the king. And he's smart - smarter than O'Reilly and Hannity and Coulter and Limbaugh. And he's usually closer to the truth than all of them.

And he's the only one - the only one - doing it on the vast television broadcast and cablecast networks. There are dozens and dozens of right-wing bloviators. He is the only one on the other side. And it took some courage and intelligence for him to begin doing what he's doing.

Yes, he's part showman, part newsman. And so what if he mugs and comes of as self-righteous. Who's gonna do it if Keith doesn't?

He's not perfect. And he's not left-wing enough for me. And I think he's got a health enough ego to laugh off the brickbats from all the TV from critics who have never taken the time to point out the lies of the right-wing hosts.

And the Katie Couric thing? Remember, Couric was the one who travelled to Iraq, in the company of the Pentagon, to fawn over the "progress" being made there. Where were the critics when she showed her lack of integrity?

BTW, here's Keith last night on the topic of John McCain's integrity.

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