Monday, June 23, 2008

Every mother's son

William Kristol so willfully misses the point of the new anti-war, anti-McCain ad, Not Alex, that he proves himself totally incapable as being anything other than the house conservative.

Kristol reasons that the ad, which implies that no mother's son should have to be deployed in an immoral war to protect the profits of oil companies and mercenary corporations, particularly if that war turns into an occupation that lasts 100 years.

And so,, has used a mother's love for her son as the method to demonstrate how wrong the war, and McCain are.

Kristol sees it as an insult to soldiers who are now serving, and mothers who have given their children over to the conflict.

The unfortunate truth is that politicians can, have and will always use the patriotism and love of country that some men and women hold dear, and use it to convince them to strap on uniform and gun to fight in some foreign land.

The bigger insult is that Bill Kristol, who never served, is still encouraging mothers, sons and daughters to follow a criminal leader into a war of disgrace.

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Vijay Pinch said...

I'm hoping that the NYTimes dumps Kristol and hires Peggy Noonan away from the WSJournal.