Saturday, November 10, 2007

Middletown recount, and voting machine discrepancies

Two things are clear from the recount of votes in the recent election in Middletown, Republican Earle Roberts will stay on the Common Council and Bill Boyd will remain on the Board of Education.

What's also clear is that physical, printed votes are essential, since, the hand recount of votes demonstrated an even larger discrepancy in tabulated votes than was originally suspected.

Earle Roberts plans to complain to the Secretary of State about methods of recount. We should also complain that the voting machines don't seem to be working correctly.

And what's more disappointing is the low voter turnout. Earlier reported as 30%, it now seems likely that it was less than that. Democracy seems broken, and voter apathy is no way to make it better. The less people voting, the more likely it is that a few people are going to make the decisions that affect your life each day.

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