Monday, November 19, 2007

An incredible judge of character

Bush, meet Mush.

George Bush has relied a bit too readily on his instincts, which have proven to be consistently wrong. Whether it's Pervez Musharaff, Alberto Gonzales, Jack Abramoff or Scooter Libby, Bush, who's had a bit of a character question in his own past, seems unable to recognize honesty, sincerity, morality or nearly any signs of good character.

And so, he becomes the brunt of one little tin tyrant's manipulations. The frat boy gets pranked.

How must it feel to be the mark of someone who is laughed at in his own country? Where do people who are terrorized by a banana republican with a Napoleonic complex find the strength to laugh?

BTW, is it just me, or is today's confirmation of Musharaff's eligibility to run for President by the re-assembled Pakistani Supreme Court remind you of Florida a half dozen years ago?

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