Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do I smell a pardon?

So, the FBI have determined that certain Blackwater mercenaries are bad guys. Murderers in fact. But prosecutors can't determine exactly how to prosecute them. You see there's not actually a law, and not actually, a functioning independent government or judiciary in Iraq (despite our great success in spreading Democracy there).

Gee, I'm so naive as to believe that murder is a crime, everywhere.

I say, invoke the Patriot Act. The Bush administration has used it before to throw suspects into dungeons without recourse. These guys were working against the interests of the United States. By killing innocent Iraquis, they turn the radical Islamists against us. They invite terrorism. They are terrorists. They are perfect candidates for extraordinary rendition.

Hey, if John Walker Lindh could be put away for bearing arms against the CIA, then these terrorists should get the same treatment.

I mean, Blackwater is far more trigger happy than say, Dynacorp.

Or maybe we should really punish Blackwater and award them a new government contract.

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