Monday, November 26, 2007

Find some common ground with Wes students

Wesleyan Students are gearing up for an anti-war, anti-military recruitment protest and march tomorrow afternoon.

I don't expect that they'd mind if you joined them.

With a sit-in planned, and a speech at City Hall, there might actually be some civil disobedience that the MPD will have to address.

They'll be marching to the Army National Guard Recruitment Office on Main Street (actually in the Destinta Plaza behind Main Street, next to the liquor store where Wes students regularly fill shopping carts with legal, mind-altering substances).

The debate at Wesleying blog is interesting, but indicative, that thinking too much about a simple protest can take all the wind out a protest's sails. My recommendation - think Abby Hoffman. Think Code Pink. I assure you, you will not change the system or the politics with logic and reason. But you can make a change if you can get your fellow Americans to begin to pay attention.

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