Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I know he's serious, but is he serious?

This week Pope Benedict XVI once again shamed the legacy of tolerance which Jesus preached to impugn homsexuality as "a deviation, an irregularity, a wound," which threatens "the ecology of man."

Holy shit. I mean, really, this is holy shit.

Is it any wonder that Catholics have abandoned the church and its medieval philosophy in droves. You can bet I won't be setting my foot in a Catholic church except for the funeral of friend or family, or some other occasion (wedding maybe?) where I can pretend to pay attention to the nonsense that the Catholic clerics spew, without having to commit myself to their nonsense, or scream in disbelief.

If homosexuality is a wound to the ecology of man, because it's against the supposed "natural order" of one man/one woman living together to procreate, then what's the celibate priesthood? Sounds like a festering wound to me. And if you add pederast priests who have been protected by the Vatican itself, I'd say that wound was gangrenous.

Time for the Catholic leaders to sell off the treasures, endow the impoverished, and return to sack cloth and ashes and an ascetic lifestyle which may get them closer to the truth of Jesus then they seem to be now.

Peace on earth to all men, Pontiff, even if love one another. What a way for the Catholic Church to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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