Monday, August 27, 2007

Jesus cured the blind man's eyes with mud

When George Bush accuses his critics of dragging Alberto Gonzales name through the mud he might be doing a disservice to mud. Bush's terse summary of Gonzales career to my ears sounds more like an indictment. According to Bush, Gonzales played a critical role in shaping policy in the war on terror. Says Bush, "The Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and other important laws bear his imprint." He also helped shepard two conservative Supreme Court justices onto the bench. And by the way, he has led the justice department in making protection of children from internet predators a priority. Now of course, those predators will feel free to prey on our golden-haired progeny.

What he didn't mention is Gonzales critical thinking in executing prisoners on Texas' death role, and his interpretation of the Geneva Convention which allowed our country to torture prisoners. And when Bush shames Congress for pursuing Gonzales for "political reasons," he fails to mention that it was Gonzales who used "political reasons" to fire US Attorneys General.

And of course, Bush, the courageous, walked away from the mics without taking questions.

Colin McEnroe has an interesting Oedipal analysis of Gonzales' own announcement.

Al has not yet gotten what he deserves.

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Anonymous said...

What's really sad, is that we live in a time when a rum-dumb flunky, like W. Bush, is allowed, unimpeded, to refer to Alberto Gonzales, an attorney general who used his office for purely political reasons, as a talented and honorable person.