Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bugged by the Democratic reaction

Say all you want about the tough talk of Congressional Democrats, when it comes to protecting their perceived image, they fold like like the cover of a tawdry paperback book.

The White House wants the ability to expand it's wiretapping powers. This is the same White House which has abused every extension of power it's been granted, and then scoffed at the Congress which dare to ask questions about any of it.

And the Democrats are worried that they'll be portrayed as soft of terrorism.

Time to call Bush out. He's the coward who continues to send American men and women into danger to protect his legacy. He's the Christian who's willing to maim and murder hundreds of thousands of Iraqui men, women and children in his quest to "protect us from terrorists." He's the commander-in-chief who took his eye off Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan to launch an immoral war against Saddam Hussein. In his wrongheaded policy of "stay the course" he's been the biggest recruiter of terrorists in the world.

For pete's sake show some backbone. Tell him "no." Tell him he won't get any cooperation until he shows some cooperation in return. It's an effective way to teach a three year old about social contract. It may work with Bush.

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