Monday, August 27, 2007

Keep the meter running

I listen to WTIC-AM in the morning on the way to work primarily to check on traffic. I usually need to switch off after a few minutes of right-wing banter from show host Ray Dunaway, and his ineffectual "balance" Diane Smith. Dunaway calls himself a libertarian, but bears all the earmarks of being a neandrathal-level conservative. He doesn't believe in global warming, thinks smoking in public is a god-given right, and uses funny voices whenever he talks about people with different viewpoints than his.

However, this morning Ray and Diane, or Roy and Debbie, as Colin McEnroe calls them, provided an important public service when they brought Hartford Courant George Gombossy and CL&P CEO Ray Necci into the same studio to discuss the accusations Gombossy has made in a series of columns about defective electric meters. You can read the series here, and listen to the debate here.

I'll let you draw your conclusions, but I have to wonder, when confronted with the facts, why a responsible corporate CEO would not simply apologize and pledge to make amends. Gombossy attempts to pin Necci to the wall, as Dunaway acts the apologist and lobs softballs.

Interesting listening, and another argument why local radio is essential.

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