Sunday, August 12, 2007

A fond (temporary?) adieu to Helen Ubinas

Courant columnist Helen Ubinas is off to a fellowship at Stanford University just as she was hitting her stride as a Hartford columnist, and apparently, just as she was experiencing capitol city burnout. He column today is a warning to everyone who lives and works in Hartford that leaving well enough alone is fine, but leaving not nearly well enough alone is dangerous. Her "farewell" column is dead center on the front page of today's Courant, and it is essential reading for anyone who thinks Hartford has a future that's brighter than the current bleakness.

Helen indicates that she'll be coming back, but given the nature of corporate owners trimming news staffs, and her obvious talent and marketability, I think we might see her name under a different masthead a year from now.

I'll miss her pointed criticisms of the feeble town fathers, and the lack of progress in a city that once was right up there with Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

Good luck Helen. It doesn't seem like you'll forget Hartford, but you may forget your way back here.

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Luis Cotto said...

Just a quick note. Helen's fellowship requires her to return to The Hartford Courant for at least a year. So, while I agree with you that she'll be won't be as soon as you think.

I also think her last piece in the Courant was a sad way for her to go out. In my humble opinion, she used that opportunity to unload all her frustrations about the negative experiences she's had instead of the positive. I wouldn't be surprised if she was coached more in that direction because, let's face it, the good stuff just don't sell no papers.