Thursday, August 16, 2007

Everything AND the kitchen sink

John Rowland was brought low by a hot tub.

Will Eddie Perez perish by a toilet and a garbage disposal?

The sequence of events are a bit suspicious, but Eddie says he has the check stubs to prove his innocence.

Folks couldn't wrap their minds around the parking lot problem, but they understand kitchen cabinets and shower enclosures. It's the concrete symbol of potential corruption that usually buries politicians too narcissistic to think their misdeeds will be uncovered.

This on the heels of the Perez push to keep Minnie Gonzalez off the battle paints an unflattering picture of the first "strong" mayor of Hartford. Oh, and did I mention his support of Creepy Joe Lieberman?


Anonymous said...

Job opening: city mayor.
Qualifications: only choir boys need apply.

I feel sorry for the poor bastards who run for office. I think some of them probably are decent souls trying to do the right thing.
Regarding Perez and parking: that kind of shit has been going on forever in Hartford. I asked Perez about it when he came to our door campaigning. He said he made a mistake. He didn't try to make excuses. It's still not clear from the Courant accounts what actually happened. Elected officials have been playing ball with Abe Giles for a long time. It's cronyism, but when compared with Cheney and Halliburton, it is a lower priority problem when it comes to Hartford's list of to- dos. I don't know if it is still being investigated.
The standards now set for politicians are pretty damn high. In general, that's good. But they don't leave room for honest mistakes. As far as the kitchen improvements, if Perez paid for them, I see no problem. As for the building permit, that is the contractor's responsibility. That shit also happens all the time.
The Perez/Lieberman shit pisses me off too. As do other things Perez has done. Personally, I like him. He's a scrappy little guy who grew up poor in Hartford. Then I think of the less-than-saints Irish mayors back in the day.

---The preceding is a message from the Hartford Anti-Defamation League

Ed McKeon said...

If Perez is innocent, great. If not, let the chips fall. Using the excuse that others have done it, is just that, an excuse. And the comparison to Halliburton and Cheney is hyperbole. I actually like Hartford. I root for Hartford. I've owned a business here for 15 years. I've worked here longer. But there's lots wrong, and sweeping it under the rug won't make it better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right, you got to nail the corrupt stuff, little or big. I guess what I have a problem with is how people get pilloried in the media and now on blogs, which in many cases are the modern day equivalent of barroom debates, except now it is in print and gets spread at the speed of nanoseconds. The good news or bad news, depending on how you like your barroom arguments, is that no punches get thrown. (And sometimes people back up their blog arguments with hyper text, not to be confused with hyperbole, which I believe you used incorrectly.
That is, my comparison of Perez v. Cheney cronyism is invalid, or ridiculous, rather than exagerated. How's that for pedantic nitpicking). Back to blog content. It is basically speculation based on media accounts that frequently are inaccurate, or don't have the whole story. I guess if you're in the public eye, you got to suck it up and ignore it if it's untrue and, if it is true, hope that a court of law finds differently than the court of public opinion.
I don't know if blogs change people's minds or reinforce opinions and confirm biases. As long as they don't believe everything they read.
But hey, people like to talk smack. I sure do.