Monday, August 13, 2007

And to save Christianity we need another crucifixion

File under the absurd jingoistic logic of a twisted patriot.

The Philadelphia Daily News' Stu Bykovsky calls for a repeat of 9/11 to re-unite America.

Using his ridiculous reasoning what other tragedies could we imagine to bring people together?

To unite Europe and America again as strong allies, we need another Hitler.

To make people buy newspapers, we need to abolish a free press.

To inspire the government to spend money on infrastructure, we need another bridge disaster.

To really commit to rebuilding New Orleans, we need another hurricane, or two.

To make the country understand the horrors of war, we need a draft.

To repair the disfunctional air traffic control system, we need a few airline disasters.

To appreciate how benign our ineffectual lawmakers are, we need another Joe McCarthy.

To appreciate the value of a dollar, we need another depression.

To value our Constitution, we need a president who doesn't.

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